The P.O.D.

The Picture Of The Day

 " Quintuplets "

Every day that I shoot I come up with one very special picture that just seems to stand out from the rest. 
Sometimes they are funny, colorful, extra sharp, and sometimes it's the excellent composition, lighting, 
perspective or subject matter. 

But each time I find one, I make it my desktop photo and send it to my friends as the 
POD (picture of the day).  And now I have decided to share these great photo's with you.

Sometimes they will change weekly... and sometimes they will change daily. 
It really just depends on what kind of photography I am doing each day.
So put this page in your favorites and visit often.

You can use these photo's as your desktop photo if you would like.   Just right click 
on the photo below and choose "Set as Wallpaper" from the drop-down menu.

Not all computers will load this photo correctly... if it loads it as a tile (multiple photos) 
or stretched (making a small picture full screen)  just right click on your desktop afterwards 
and choose "properties"  then click on "desktop" and be sure the position tab says "center" 
instead of tile or stretch... and you will have a wonderful, colorful, interesting desktop photo.

I personally like to have the background  "Color"  as black.
If you have any problems feel free to drop me a note.

Hope you enjoy the POD's

Tell your friends :)

Englewood Florida...

" Where Everything Is Pretty As A Picture "

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