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The Pioneer Days
Cardboard Boat Races

I think this pictures says it all to describe the Pioneer Days Cardboard Boat Races for 2009 held at Indian Mounds Park in Englewood Florida on September 5th at 10 am

There was already a pretty large crowd at 9 am

I walked the park and photographed some of the teams and their boats









There were pirate beads for everyone from Gasparilla Marina

Bethany Barnthouse, winner of the new Pioneer Days 2009 Englewood Idol contest, sang the National Anthem before the races began.

The best seats on and in the waterline filled quickly

RAces began about 10:15 and I tried to capture some of the action 
while avoiding the salt water splashing all over the place :)

This was an interesting concept.  Using just a Cardboard Box & paddle
I assume the magic green paint will help make it faster :) 
The competition looked pretty tough

But the cardboard Box pulled ahead with this tactical move... since I just figured out I can't sit in the box... why not just carry it :)  Rules only state that you and your boat have to make it to the finish line.  Doesn't say how.
And the competition was having a few problems staying upright

Meanwhile... J&B Upholstery zoomed ahead of the pack with a nice slow and steady approach and took first place in this heat... with the cardboard Box at a close second.


Now this looks like a well designed craft doesn't it ?
Unfortunately it only worked for about 30 seconds

Now here's a very stable looking entry.  That outrigger worked very well




This Juicy Fruit entry was also very stable
EnglewoodFishingClub.Net rolled past the finish line cool and calm


And then it happened !!  Two photographers meet in knee deep water...
and they both draw their camera's and shoot without warning ! 

Luckily I had my back to the sun and it was shining in his eyes... 
with no time for him to adjust his camera for a proper exposure.

So I'm sure I got the better shot !  Guess I'll have to check the 
Parrot Magazine next issue to know for sure :)  Hopefully 
they'll link to this page to show everybody how much fun it was.

Some of the starts were very powerful



And some of the finishes were cool, calm and collected :)


This was an interesting visitor.  Would love flying one of these myself. 
Anybody out there giving lessons ?

A couple casual portraits as I move around the crowd



This sleek design by the Punta Gorda Boat Club 
zoomed right along without even creating a wake

Ahhh... there's that Parrot Magazine photographer again 
sneaking up from the west...


Stump Pass Grille  vs  Olde Village Barber Shop
Not even close :)

A Tank vs a Birthday Cake ?   Give me a break :)


"  Come on Daddy !  "


Waterside Grille  vs  The New Faull Inn
Even start but The New Faull Inn wins by 5 boat lengths
But the girls from  Gasparilla Marina's  New Waterside Grill were prettier
You would think a marina entry would have designed a boat with a more hydro-dynamic front end :)
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The Parrot Magazine advertises with me at
Special Thanks to Capt. Rick for running the boat races

Interesting perspective to watch the races... 
Wonder if there's room up there for me ?

This montage is sort of along the same line as the kid with the Cardboard Box... only they took it to a much higher level.  On their second the race the boat disintegrated and they all looked like Hurricane Katrina Victims
floating back to shore :) 

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After The Cardboard Boat Races

Behind the scenes in Indian Mounds Park, the Englewood Jaycees
invited lots of vendors to share in the celebration 

You just had to make it past these girls with the powerful water rifles

Winners of the race



Interesting Concept.  Since the government has decided to take away so much money from the school system... people in the community have started a group that can raise some money to help.

For more information you can email them ad
If you guys need a website I'd be happy to give you one on my site at in the Non-profit Organizations section :)

Cardboard Helmets ?  Guess they'd work ok against 
a Cardboard Sword...  but not so well against a match :)

Like Pizza?  Try Bobarino's on Green Street and Dearborn 
(941) 473-0000  I got a FREE slice of cheese pizza for this ad :)

This is something new for me.  Miami Crepes makes some really, really tasty crepe sandwiches.  He was offering 7 different kinds of sandwiches and 10 different kinds of desserts  at this event... including things like nutella chocolate, dulce de leche caramel, fresh florida honey, peanut butter, sweet sliced banana and more ! 
I got the Ranch Chicken, marinated grilled chicken with lettuce, caramelized onions and Ranch Dressing in trade for this advertising :) 
Will work for food  ! 

Miami Crepes (941) 875-1917  or email them at

Universal Gymnastics Booster Inc. 
All these kids were practicing their gymnastics out in the hot sun all day, so I asked them to show off for my camera in trade for some great PR
I had them all perform individually and tried to catch them at their best. 

And then I thought I should have them all working together... Hey... could be a new Vegas Act some day :)  You can get more information about them with an email to

A few more casual portraits







Good food from Cape Haze and Palm Island Restaurants

The object of the "Hot Buns Contest" is to take this large chunk of ice and melt it down to fit into a small plastic cup using nothing but sunshine and body heat to melt it. 
The kids team was doing very well
And the water flowed from the block as they passed it to each other
Somehow can't see me sticking a block of ice in my armpit though


The adults had the advantage of much larger bodies
And help from their adult team mates 
looking to get the maximum amount of heat

The Winners get a nice cool body and a FREE beer

50/50 tickets to benefit the  Universalgymnastic kids

And live music all day

DJ Rob is always there to keep the party hoppin
when the band takes a break



Face Painting by Creative Face & Body Art makes a party more fun.  
And chest painting does too :)
I think they'll paint "almost" any part you want :)
You can contact Donna or Darcy at (941) 697-5245 or 697-2514





A little child abuse?  No, he deserved it...  just for fun :)



50/50 winner picked up $131 COOL CASH !

The eyes have it

Another beautiful Englewood Sunset

And one last portrait by the bay


Then I stopped over to Dearborn's on Dearborn Street 
for a cool drink and  a few more great portraits




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