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Halloween Safe Walk 2009
Dearborn Street in Englewood Florida


" Trick or Treat "

Another amazing turn out on Dearborn Street for the Halloween Safe Walk.  Don't know how many people were actually there... but it was enough to completely fill the street from end to end.

I started out early to get some good pictures in the early evening light.  The safe walk ran from 5-7 pm but there were kids roaming the street much earlier

There were lots of candy booths all along the street handing out 
FREE candy to the kids from all over the Sarasota and Charlotte County.

Candy for kids of all ages

I found some pretty scary faces out there :)

Gotta love these silver teeth... 
She can bite me anytime :)

OK, so what's Orange - Green - Blue & Yellow ? 
I couldn't tell from the back so I stopped them to ask...
M & M's of course !    Gotta love that candy coating :)

Lonesome Cowgirl with a Pillar of the Community



I thought this little skunk was really cute. 
Wish I could have gotten a better shot of him  :(

I met this cute photographer (Anna) on the street and asked what she did with her pictures... and she said she had a Blog on the internet somewhere.  I told her to send me a couple of her best shots and that I'd include them on my website and give her photo credit.
You can find them here.   Nice work Anna :) 





There's always a great performance on the street in front of the 
5678 Dance Studio







A quiet crowd filled the seats at Vino Loco

And a few more happy faces sitting at the outside bar at Dearborn's
Interestingly... I saw Jack Gray from Graymatter Enterprises and I was yelling at him from across the room trying to get him to look over at me for a picture.  "Jack!  Yo Jack!" And the guy below who was sitting right in front of me turns around and say's "What!".  Seems his name was also Jack :)   Well it was funny at the time :)   Guess you had to be there.



Actually, these aren't costumes... These guys always look like this :)

Now there's a great Halloween costume

Still Going













She can nurse me anytime :)












I thought this was a pretty authentic looking costume




Future Playbunnies of America









Once the sun had set... it was a too dark to be flashing my flash in peoples faces on the street... so I moved indoors to capture some 
of the fun at Englewood's on Dearborn







You could save on your car insurance talking to this Gecko

Pirates are getting better looking all the time

Tina Turner was even visiting on Halloween night... 
along with a few of her friends

Interesting tattoo  -  Her kids footprints :)

Glowing Glasses

Fun and Dancing

Nurse and War Hero... 
being attacked by a crazy person :)

These boots were made for walkin



She said she actually is a Native American

 I don't know if this squaw is or not... and I really don't care... 

Is that a fantastic outfit or what  !!!

Next year I think I'll dress as an Indian Chief   :)

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This year I went as a Nature Photographer and met up with this busty babe... 
she doesn't talk much... but did mentioned something about pie... 
and asked if I liked whipped cream... 

Hmmmmmm :)

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