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Plant Native Day at Cedar Point Environmental Park


Plant Native Day
Cedar Point Environmental Park

Sponsored in part by:

The Charlotte Harbor 
National Estuary Program 


The Mangrove Chapter 
The Florida Native Plant Society

  The Florida Native Plant Society promotes the preservation and conservation 
of the native plants and native plant communities of Florida.  For more information 
you can find them on their website at



Hello Everyone... and welcome to my photo website :)

These photographs are from the 
Annual Plant Native Day held on 
Saturday February 28, 2009 at the 

Cedar Point Environmental Center, 
2300 Placida Road in Englewood Florida.

The festivities included an Open house in the Cedar Point Visitors Center
and several lectures about all the ways and reasons to plant native plants


Master of Ceremonies of the event was Al Squires, 
of the Cedar Point Environmental Center


About 10:30 there was a very informative lecture by Laurel Schiller, of the Florida Native Plant Society  FNPS in which she talked about how to choose
the proper native plants for the proper places and soils in your yard or garden... and all the benefits that could be obtained by doing so.  Laurel runs the 
Florida Native Plants Nursery & Landscape Design business at 
730 Myakka Road, in Sarasota.   (941) 322-1915

For more information visit


Outside on the sidewalk afterwards, Laurel was selling Florida Friendly Plants along with her book written by Dan Walton and herself explaining everything you need to know about using native plants to create a beautiful life supporting and environmentally sensitive landscape :)

I learned quite a bit from her talk but the thing I'd like to pass on to everyone is that native plants can make a big difference in the amount and variety of butterflies and wildlife visit your yard on a regular basis.  Seems that butterflies know the difference between a "pretty" flowering plant and a "useful" flowering plant where they can lay their eggs and make more beautiful butterflies.  And every species is looking for something different.

For more information call:  (941) 322-1915







The new improved Butterfly Garden was a big improvement for the Cedar Point location.  Grant money from many sources offered them the opportunity to purchase lots of new plants for the garden.

Stop by and pick up a FREE native plant guide which was developed, in part, with funding and support from the Charlotte County Parks and Recreation, Charlotte Harbor Environmental Center, Bok Towers Garden, Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program and the Florida Native Plant Society. 

More information is available at

And besides the new Florida Friendly plants... they received funds to make quality signs for each new plant to offer visitors a way to learn more about the plants they liked.  This Godfrey's Spiderlily is only small right now but as noted it is on the Endangered Species list.

The marker on this St. Andrrew's Cross lets everyone know that it is a Florida Native Plant

Jane Wallace of the Mangrove Chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society (FNPS) spoke about the difficulties of planting and keeping the butterfly garden working.   Below she explains how much of the work involves keeping the non-native plants out of the garden.

CHEC Volunteers offered a table full of tasty home made goodies
Just ask Denny Girard :)
Not sure if these were native Beach Sunflowers or the 
Florida State Wildflower  - Coreopsis ( leavenworthii )
But they were very tasty :)

Kay Thorpe Bannon, author of "How Gimble Gopher Tortoise Found A New Home" was there signing her book.  The book has a very interesting variety of characters illustrated by Rebecca Eagan that make if a fun and interesting book for kids.

Another interesting and very informative book that was offered was this "Planting a Refuge for Wildlife" book.  If you like wildlife in your yard... this book can help you understand what native critters like... and don't like. 
Below... this Guide for Real Florida Gardeners is an excellent source of information on how you can transform your basic Florida yard into a beautiful, low maintenance, Florida Friendly Yard 


The Peace River Butterfly Society had a very beautiful display of native butterflies, moths and other insects.  The society meets monthly from September - June and you're invited to visit to learn more by calling
(941) 235-2099 or 625-6463 for times and locations.
Plant a few "Butterfly Friendly" plants in your yard and enjoy the delightful beauty and elegance of  Florida butterflies almost every day of the year


This handy plant and butterfly guide tells you all about the Florida
Wildflowers and the Butterflies they will attract and is available at
the Cedar Point Environmental Center.

There were also lots of donated plants for sale on the balcony 
of the Cedar Point  Visitor Center

Jane Wallace offers a personal tour of the new butterfly garden outside
And points out some of the interesting things you can find in your garden like this beautiful little Cloudless Sulphur enjoying a yellow Cassia plant

This Tall Red Pentas was labeled as "Introduced"  to Florida 
but makes a nice colorful addition to the garden

The new gazebo will offer food, shelter and beauty to the garden once the plants have time to grow over it.

This Tampa Vervain is also labeled as an Endangered Species

This Fennel is part of the new herb garden

Later on there was a Cedar Point Environmental Park Guided Walk
led by Cedar Point Environmental Center Volunteer Denny Girard.

Native Paw paw plants are in blossom this time of year and 
produce a sweet fruit by mid summer. 


Cedar Point Park has lots of beautiful well maintained trails to explore.
This one is called Tortoise Trail  and is a large loop that you can't get lost on... and it takes you through a variety of unique and beautiful eco systems

Denny points out that this cactus is actually very edible... but suggests you just buy some at the market rather than dealing with all the thorns :)

This giant bamboo grows at the edge of the park where local residents probably discarded a small plant years ago

This lone dead tree offers food and shelter for many of the local birds and animals

Here Denny talks about the Carolina Yellow Jasmine that grows wild in the park and is in full bloom this time of year adding a wonderful fresh flowery scent the the air.  Carolina Jasmine is easy to grow and spreads easily

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